A successful plastic surgery practice requires a

sound office infrastructure

Our office infrastructure services include:

    • Phone Systems
    • Computer Software
    • Computer Systems
    • Wireless Credit Card Terminals
    • Surgical Tools
    • Client Tracking System
    • After-Care Facilities
      Location & Space
    • Leasing
    • Office & Surgical Equipment


Office Infrastructure
Having a superior product or service is not enough to develop a flourishing practice.  Patients want a cosmetic surgery practice that excels 360 degrees.  A well-designed infrastructure—or “the setup of the physical environment of a practice”—is the foundation of any thriving practice.  Without an easily accessible space, suitable surroundings (clean, comfortable, and tasteful décor), and tools and equipment that meet your needs, you will be losing patients based on factors that have nothing to do with your surgical technique. 

Why 360practice.com?
From software to hardware, services to surgical instruments, we advise you on the tools necessary to set up a sound framework and keep you in the loop with the newest state-of-the-art technological systems.  We attend to those easily forgotten details, ensuring that something as seemingly trivial as an outdated environment or hard-to-navigate phone system doesn’t lose a potential patient (and their two-to-five referrals).  Our experience identifying what physically makes up a successful practice allows us to guide our clients, providing you with everything you need to build a rock-solid infrastructure.

Our Consulting Services Include:

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