Don’t risk a lawsuit, shutdown,

or damaged reputation . . .

Allow us to guide you through the licensing

and certification process

Licensing & Certification

A cosmetic surgery practice must adhere to state, and in some cases federal, procedures, licensing, and certification to legally operate as a surgery center.  Failure to obtain appropriate licensing and certification—or not obeying state or federal laws and/or regulations—can have serious ramifications for your practice, including fines and financially devastating lawsuits . . . it can even result in your surgery center being shut down.

For new practices, we show you exactly how to certify your surgery center—we create a step-by-step checklist and walk you through the process from start to finish.  For established practices, free yourself from worry; allow us to ensure you are correctly meeting all regulations by reviewing your filings, paperwork, and current certifications.  Call us now for a free initial consultation—Make sure that one overlooked detail doesn‘t result in a financial or operational nightmare!



Our Consulting Services Include:

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