In order to make positive change, you must

first identify the source and

scope of the problem


Our evaluation, critique, and
appraisal services include:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Systems of Operation
  • Customer Service
  • Surgical Procedures

Evaluation, Critique & Appraisal
Are you wondering if your marketing campaigns are costing more than they are generating (and if so, by how much)?  Do you sense that your internal operations are redundant or disorganized?  Have you been told that your customer service isn't quite first-class, but you are struggling to pinpoint the problem and its degree of impact on your success?  Most importantly, do you feel like for all your hard work, your bottom line is not meeting expectations . . . but that you can’t identify the reason?  Our evaluation, critique, and appraisal services are designed to uncover the concrete answers necessary to set you on the path to prosperity.

If you don’t know exactly what’s broken (or how broken it is), it’s pretty impossible to fix things.  Serving as the starting point from which our other consultation services branch out, our evaluation, critique, and appraisal functions are a crucial first step toward making profitable changes in your practice.  First, we perform detailed and often quantitative assessments of areas of concern to determine the degree of impact.  For example, with regard to your marketing and advertising efforts, we utilize advanced software and systems to determine the exact return on investment of a particular promotion or campaign.  Secondly, we identify the source of origin: Discontented employees, sub-par systems, confusing copy, outdated distribution lists, as well as a host of other detrimental details can contribute to failure.  Finally, now working from a firm foundation, we implement the services that will most quickly and effectively facilitate change.


Our Consulting Services Include:

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