Don’t erode clients’ trust with disorganized

scheduling and ineffective follow-up


  • Why It Is Important to Keep Track of Patient Records
  • Management Services Include

Call Center Practice & Lead Management
It can be extremely difficult for a new practice to develop a system that keeps track of first-time and existing patients and effectively follows up with potential patients.  Losing a patient file, an error in scheduling, or forgetting to follow up affects patients’ perception of customer service and risks losing potential revenue.  Think about it: Patients are considering putting their safety, well-being, and appearance in your hands; if they don’t feel 100% confident that you are capable of running an effective office, their valuable trust is eroded.  Furthermore, patients are often “interviewing” numerous cosmetic surgery practices, in essence, looking to disqualify all but one.  A simple mis-scheduled appointment may be all that’s needed to eliminate you from the running.

Not only do we help you to develop simple systems for organizing your practice, but we also give you the option of having us do it for you.  Let us serve as your call center by tracking patients, scheduling and rescheduling appointments, and handling your follow-up calls and cancellations.

  • Answer Incoming Calls with Personalized Greeting
  • Set Up New Patient Appointments
  • Follow Up/Confirm Appointments
  • Screen/Track/Route Leads to Your Practice
  • Set Reminders/Organize Time Calls or Emails
  • Email the Practice’s  Profile to Patients
  • Email Customer Service Survey to Patients
  • Keep Track of Online Clicks and Inbound/Outbound Calls 
  • Monitor Performance via Patient Surveys
  • Generate Custom Reports on Leads and Conversation Rates
  • Generate Overview and Analysis of Your “ROI”

Our Consulting Services Include:

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