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About 360practice.com
We are a consulting firm that provides solutions for operating and growing a productive and profitable cosmetic surgery practice.  Tailored to both new and established plastic surgeons, we handle every aspect of managing and marketing a successful practice.  360practice.com is founded by one of the industry’s premier plastic surgeons, Dr. Darshan Shah, and Marketing Holdings, a leading marketing firm and pioneer in Internet marketing strategies and customized infrastructure solutions.

Our Goal
To help you leapfrog the typical long-term, high-cost learning process, instead creating a valuable cosmetic surgery practice from its inception

Focus on Flawless Procedures

Cosmetic surgeons are very good at what they do but sometimes lack the necessary skills to run a sound business, build a solid patient-base, and generate healthy revenues.  360practice.com frees surgeons from the day-to-day struggles of too few patients and too little income, allowing them to focus on the “practice” of superior cosmetic procedures.

Our Consulting Services Include:

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